Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation Ltd.

KSIC taking preventive measures to reduce wastage and improve manufacturing processes and quality with iTexClouds ERP.

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Quick Facts


Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation (KSIC)


Manufacturer of Silk fabric

Brand Name

Mysore Silk


iTexClouds ERP


Bengaluru, Mysuru, Channapatna, T-Narsipura

About the Company

The name Mysore silk is a befitting tribute to its ancestry. Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation Limited (KSIC) the proud inheritor of this royal legacy, has treasured it for over seven decades, has been producing 100% pure silk with pure gold zari. They are in the business of manufacturing quality silk products of varied designs for end user consumption. The Products include finest of designer silk sarees, Shirts, Kurta’s, Silk Dhoti and Men’s Tie. The silk Products are manufactured in their factories located in Mysore district of Karnataka state, INDIA. The silk weaving factory in Mysore, presently owned by KSIC, was established in the year 1912. What makes Mysore Silk different from other silk fabrics available in India? It is made of the finest quality of natural silk yarn obtained from cocoons reared in the old Mysore areas of Karnataka. This gives it an extra ordinary lustre, more so, a geographical flavour to the fabric. The texture of Silk Sarees is made out of 26-28 denier with high speed twist. The KSIC- Silk Weaving Factory, at Mysore has completed 100 Years during 2012 and it is the first Govt. Industry in Karnataka to celebrate Centenary Year.

The Situation

KSIC Managing Director, GM-Procurement and GM-Production realized that they needed an ERP system if they have to continue growing. Being a government organization, they need to have control on overall process and keep a track of minutest details.

They were facing lot of wastage issues. They use pure gold zaris in their saris and other silk products. Wastage of gold zaris was a huge expense for them. It was becoming difficult for them to track the wastage which was resulting in huge cost and reduced profit margins.

They were also facing problems in managing and planning their inventory. They kept on procuring the items without knowing that the items are already available in plenty in their stocks.

They were using old legacy system to manage their process and most of these were controlled manually on paper sheets and card. The management team went on the hunt for a quality ERP solution that would fit their company’s custom needs at a fair price. KSIC also required a system that would integrate well with their existing process and could bring best practices to their process.


The Solution

After careful vetting of various ERPs, the company went with Infopine’s ERP product iTexClouds. When iTexClouds first came on board it was a fantastic learning experience for KSIC team. They were able to dive deep into how they do things and identify the issues where they were lacking and address them.

Once up and running, KSIC and its team were able to improve production planning by tracking production and identifying products that weren’t being completed on time. iTexClouds ERP also gave them the ability to easily share all information related to each job project throughout the entire company— something they had never be able to do before. It was a digital transformation for KSIC.

iTexClouds team faced lot of challenges to bring change management and educate the workforce to adopt the new system. But our team as usual were able to crack the problem and took all the team members in confidence with the help of MD and GMs.

Results & Benefits

With iTexClouds ERP, KSIC is able to receive immediate account for how long it will take to complete the specific production, the cost associated to it, and as a result how much to price based on these factors. iTexClouds has helped them to organize and track where the items are in the stockroom. There end to end manufacturing process is streamlined with best practices in place.

The management has complete control over cost, wastage, production and they are experiencing high jump in their manufacturing excellence. There one of the biggest challenge of waste management of yarn and gold zari is resolved and now they have complete control over where the items are moving and utilized. Now the management like MD, GMs have full and real-time visibility of data and access to reports to take informed decisions.

About iTexClouds

iTexClouds is a flagship ERP product of Infopine Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. iTexClouds is an ERP completely focused and desined for textile industry. It is build having industry best practices in mind which gives manufacturers the power to control & manage their Production Planning, Inventory, Costing, Exports, Job Work, Productivity, Financial Accounting and all other business process efficiently on cloud accessible from any part of the world on cloud using your laptops, smartphones, tablets etc. We have used out of the box mathematical algorithms to design this platform.include Bridal wear, Chiffons, Georgettes, Crepes and Yarn Dyed fabrics.

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