A workshop was organized jointly by Infopine consultancy Private Limited & Wildlife Conservation Foundation at our office premises, Mysore on 1st April’22. Founder of the NGO, Mr. Rajkumar had taken Infopinians through all the major challenges & importance of wildlife existence to conserve green belt in western ghats.


Mr. Rajkumar has been in the wild rescue operations for the past 26 years and rescued 1000s of wildlife like Tigers, Leopards, Snakes, Bears, Elephants, and more than 3000 wild Birds. The Government of India has recognized his services towards wildlife and takes his honorary services in rescuing Wildlife. He has also given conservation education to farmers & tribes through various awareness programs, also have conducted 350+ seminars across South India on wildlife.


The workshop was followed by a training session with the management team and employees of Infopine. Mr. Rajkumar made us aware of different types of species in wildlife such as beautiful butterflies, & migratory birds, unique snakes, different types of tigers & their lifestyles, leopard etc which still exists nearby forests (Bandipur & Nagarhole reserved forest). There were also many realities that he had taken us across, which are important for every individual to be aware of for maintaining a balanced ecosystem and save our wildlife.


We all know with all these day-to-day technology development for making our life easier we are ignoring many important things. These developments sometimes also result to the loss of wildlife. Let’s take you through some myth, reality & result that were discussed during the session:

Forest Fire:
  • Myth- Natural disaster like rubbing of trees, lightning.
  • Reality- It’s a manmade disaster l
  • Result- Loss flora & fauna.
Feeding Animals in Wildlife:
  • Myth- Animals are happy
  • Reality- They have fixed balance diet by them self
  • Result- Imbalance in food chain of wild forest
Harsh or Fast Driving:
  • Myth: Luxury of long drive-in forest
  • Reality- Road accidents in forest
  • Result- Road kills of wild & endangered species
Saints Uses Animal Skin:
  • Myth- Gain of super power
  • Reality- Scam
  • Result- Killing of innocent animals
Some other Reality That is Important to Know:
  • Vehicle parking is prohibited in forest & wildlife Sanctury as it violates the ecosystem
  • Total number of tigers in India is within 4k to 5k and maximum are in Karnataka
  • Cheetah existence in India is extinct only leopard are seen.
  • Lions are mostly found in Gir National Park, Gujarat.
Employees Takeaway:
Pooja (Talent Acquisition Specialist):
  • It was such a wonderful experience in Meeting Mr Rajkumar and learning so many things about the Ecology of forest, and wildlife.
  • It was more of an educative and Interactive session.
  • Over this workshop we learnt about the wildlife cycle and ecological balance
  • Results of human negligence on wildlife
  • To step out of superstitious believes in killing wild life
  • Love towards the animals & social awareness
Gaurav Kumar (Senior Manager):

The Wildlife workshop was insightful. It made me realize that how our day-to-day life is dependent and connected to the existence of wildlife. It also showcased that the preservation of forest, animals, birds and wildlife will ultimately benefit us and the coming generations.

Chandana G (HR Executive):
  • It was good and informative session
  • Awareness creating session
PavanKumar SM (Sr. Technical Lead):
  • Wildlife Conservations is very much integral to the balance of nature.
  • Saving tigers is about more than restoring a single species, tiger plays an important role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Every time we save a tiger, we protect forests that sustain many wildlife species and local communities.
  • We need to protect wildlife for our future generations else many beautiful species can be seen only in books & museums.
Mohitha M G (Trainee Software Engineer)
  • The wildlife workshop enlightened me about the importance of conserving the wildlife as they play a key role in our day-to-day life.
  • I got to know the actual facts regarding forest fires and an awakening to stop feeding wild animals.
  • STOP Deforestation, animal slaughtering, hunting...in order to cut-off the extinction of wild animals!

With this growing technology like construction of buildings, tech parks, factories, use of weapons, development of gadgets etc we are thinking we are making our life easier but we are not aware what is the threat that we are building for our future generations. These continuous cutting of tress & forests are resulting in climate change, desertification, soil erosion, fewer crops, flooding, increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and a host of problems.

Ray of Hope:
  • Government started providing Gas stove to people to avoid tree cutting,
  • Plantation activities are started,
  • many trainings session is provided to educate people on wildlife conservation etc

According to National Geographic, "70 percent of Earth's land animals and plants live in forests, and many cannot survive the deforestation that destroys their homes." Hence, we should save wildlife to save our upcoming generation. This was a short step taken by Infopine to educate every individual.