COVID 19 pandemic have created dynamic changes in the way of working for companies, maximum business was forced to adapt working remotely for their employees. Before work from home was an option but due to this lockdown restriction it has become a necessity for the employees. Companies with right SOP’s and System were able to switch easily to work remotely but companies without right set of systems and processes had a challenge to adapt working remotely. Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP frameworks, implementation in business processes with constant improvement methodologies, made possible to adapt flexible operations. ERP became the heart of organization during the pandemic era.

ERP System for Textile Industries:

Textile industry ERP helps in monitoring, controlling, analysing and understanding all business process such as Inventory Management, Procurement, Production, Processing, Logistics, even Warehousing.

It supports supply chain, sourcing and Procurement, which involves fulfilling the orders according to strategic merchandising plans, handling the logistics of moving finished goods from source into stores.

It Helps In:
  • Inventory Management - Control over all your entire inventory, including future arrivals.
  • Order Management - Automating and streamlining the order processing for business. Helps to manage your orders.
  • Order Fulfilment - Provides Receiving, Processing and delivering orders to end customers.
  • Customer Management - Manage your customer details, Includes contacts, stores and ship to locations.
  • Production Management - Manging your production accuracy and on time by managing vendors, material & operations.
  • Finance & Accounting - Features of summary, analysis & Reporting of financial transaction pertaining to business
  • Ware House Management - To support & optimize warehouse functionality and distribution centre management including inventory management, picking processes and auditing.
  • It Also Helps in Improving Your ROI.It’s important to Select the best ERP Software for your business
How it Helps in Supporting Work From Home for Employees:
  • Ease Implementation - Easy and fast to implement.
  • Real-Time Access & Team Work - It helps in working remotely as the employees have access to real time data without the need to go to work place. It can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. This helps teams to continue their daily work in normal way from their home itself and remain connected to their daily operations.
  • A New Level of Agility - large and small manufacturing companies’ employers can access data at any time from any devices like smartphones, laptop or Monitor. This ease of accessing data helps in maintaining company resilient.
  • Reduce Miscommunications - The biggest issue that was been faced by manufacturing industries in taking orders or in delivering the result during the start of pandemic there was a risk of miscommunication between the employees working remotely, as digital communication has not always been as much as effective like face-to-face conversation. Textile Industry ERP software integrates all the data into one centralized system which authorised employees can access to view the performance. Employees have also the access to the most recent documents and, information which keeps them updated on their daily task.
  • Improve Speed and Accuracy - Generally passing an information verbally or over email consumes time. Textile ERP software allows offices in boosting their productivity & efficiency, as divisions can see the work of other teams on real time basis, without being present physically. This also helps improving team unity.
  • Allow Scalability - Helps is saving overhead cost that was previously spent in offices space. The scalability makes it easier to adapt to, than using onsite infrastructure where any change can be, slow and complicated to achieve.

    By capitalising on these savings companies are expanding their teams, as it can be easily scaled up and down as required. Increase in demand, resource planning can help you to make hiring decisions quick by driving higher levels of scalability. In the same way when you are running a manufacturing and distribution business which peaks seasonally, you will be able to plan to scale down during quieter seasons.

  • Simplify Supervision - Helps higher authority to work remotely as they have the access to view the work done by their respective team and view company real time data. Track activities and efficiency of employees working remotely.
  • Financial Accounting - This Software also makes accounting and financial data analysis easier, and accessible remotely. Data entry is automating and you can easily keep track of all the transaction and can get reports on the same. It makes the management of your textile business easier.
  • Analytics - Flexible Dash board and reporting tools.

ERP adaption by the textile manufacturers has helped employees and decision makers to work remotely as the data can be accessed remotely from anywhere and at any time. The implementation of this solution had helped the manufacturers to bring accountability, transparency & reduce miscommunication between different departments. This has resulted in business growth as the employees are working from home with job security and are safe.