Infopine's have its flagship product named iTexClouds ERP. It’s a SaaS based Product completely focused for Textile manufacturing industry. It helps manufacturers to optimize their end-to-end business. Built with the input of multiple textile industry veterans with decades of experience.

Seven Important Modules of iTexClouds:
  • Sales Order Management - iTexClouds order management module implements functions of order placement, order scheduling, shipping and invoicing. This module helps in sales planning too. It helps in online order entry with an enhanced visibility into sales. It also allows your organization to process orders more efficiently. It minimizes delays and backorders, and help in developing client connections.
  • Production Planning & Control (PPC) - It is the first and foremost planning and estimation that textile production and manufacturing firm would take care of. iTexClouds ERP is planned utilizing special numerical calculation to respond to questions like:
    • What will be the textile production capacity of the Business unit?
    • How much raw material is needed?
    • What must be the process of production?
    • Whether it is cost-effective or not?
    • How much workforce is needed? Etc to have a smooth production. This module is intended to design your creation a long way ahead on schedule, even before the manufacturing starts.
  • Job Work Management - iTexClouds job work module provides a complete solution for job work material management with invoice and GST for both manufacturer to Jobber and Jobber to manufacturer management. Job Work is an important module for textile manufacturing unit.
  • Quality Management - As a part of iTexClouds ERP, quality management module handles the traditional task of quality planning, inspection and quality control. It acquires and process the essential data required by goods receipt and production in order to achieve and protect a high standard of quality using proven methodologies. In textile manufacturing market to survive and succeed in the present scenario, it is crucial that you maintain a very high quality at all steps of your manufacturing process and iTexClouds ERP makes this happen for you.
  • Exports Management - Managing, tracking and maintaining exports document is a tedious job and a challenge in textile industry. iTexClouds ERP has a beautiful and efficient way to take off all your export documentation load and make it easy for you & handle even the tiniest export-related task. It is designed to digitise export compliance and transactional functions.
  • Payroll Management - Payroll is defined as a method of managing employees’ salaries in the organizations. This software consists of pay calculation and different deductions of the staff, administrating other benefits and payments of their salaries. This module of iTexClouds ERP helps textile manufacturers to manage end to end payroll of their employees.
  • Financial Accounting - iTexClouds ERP system gathers financial data from various departments and generates valuable financial reports. This module of the application helps to take important financial decisions and manage budget. Financial position of the company can also be tracked at any moment with Financial accounting module.

COVID-19 migrated business around the globe towards digitalization. Hence it was virtually impossible to use traditional ERP to manage the huge growth for Industries. Infopine empowers digital transformation for mid-size and large enterprise through an integrated set of next generation services. With technology innovation and proven delivery methods.