iTexClouds order management module implements functions of order placement, order scheduling, shipping and invoicing. This module helps in sales planning too. Sales planning determines the sales rates the company must maintain for its product lines to meet the strategic plan. iTexClouds order management module isn’t just about online order entry. It provides an enhanced visibility into sales. It allows your business to process orders more efficiently. It minimizes delays and backorders, and help to improve customer relationships.

  • Check the availability of a product in stock.
  • Details of items need to be procured based on the availability level.
  • Generating bills or invoices.
  • Determine the details of materials based on conditions.
  • A simple credit check and automatic credit check for managing the credit limits of the customers.
  • Determine the details of customers based on different conditions.
  • Detailed customers, business partners, dealer’s database. These entries include bank details, TDS details, contact details, and credit limits.
  • Target setting for executives.
  • Order amendment history.
  • Authorization of orders and invoices.
  • Order scheduling over a period of time and tracking delivery schedule.
  • Generation of production advice to plan for production based on sales orders.
  • Order processing based on the priority.
  • Preparation of dispatch advice.
  • Many dispatches against single sales order (SO).
  • Invoice generation with advance adjustments, sales vouchers automatically generated in finance.
  • Tracking sales returns.
  • Flexibility to define customer-specific prices for products and reference to customer part number.
  • Multiple dispatch location for customers and dealers.
  • Complete export documentation for export-oriented companies.
  • Quotations and amendments to quotations with complete history.
  • Different types of orders can be generated to suit the varied needs of customers.
  • Order entry for direct/scheduled/open/sample orders.
  • Letter of credit details for association with sales orders.
  • Stock transfer between warehouses for multi-location companies.
  • Tracking and issuing of gate pass for returnable items and no-returnable items.
  • MIS for analyzing sales order trends to project and forecast sales.
  • Track delivery schedule in real time.
  • Track production status order wise, customer wise
  • Priorities your orders without missing delivery timelines
  • Handle all the activities for domestic and export sales of an organization.
  • The customer and product database are maintained.
  • Complete stock-to-dock tracking of the sales order processing cycle.
  • Enables top view – consolidation of sales order data for all group of companies.
  • Reports to guide in decision making and strategy planning.