Globalisation of textile market have forced textile manufacturing companies to adjust the quality of their products and services continuously to the needs of their customers in order to remain competitive. In every organization, raw material, WIP and end products are regularly inspected. This is mainly to ensure that nothing goes wrong throughout the process of procurement, production or distribution. Thus, quality management module engages entire chain of operations. As a part of iTexClouds ERP, quality management module handles the traditional task of quality planning, inspection and quality control.

The quality management module of iTexClouds ERP can acquire and process the essential data required by goods receipt and production in order to achieve and protect a high standard of quality using proven methodologies. In textile manufacturing market to survive and succeed in the present scenario, it is crucial that you maintain a very high quality at all steps of your manufacturing process and iTexClouds ERP makes this happen for you.

  • Inspection activity monitoring
  • Inventory inspections
  • Reject & scrap tracking and analysis
  • Customer and supplier RMA (return merchandise authorization)
  • Complete audit trails
  • Supplier performance rating system
  • "Roles-based" user security
  • Document linking and tracking
  • Non-conform and non-allocate inventory
  • Quality clearance
  • Receiving inspections
  • Master specification tracking
  • Corrective Action Request - Define, manage, schedule, assign, and track Corrective Action Requests to help meet customer/supplier requirements.
  • Vendor evaluation based on past performance
  • Job work in & out inspection
  • Reduce your cost of quality and risk of warranty issues or returns
  • Improve vendor performance and overall efficiency through complete visibility and stronger tracking
  • Go paperless with digital checksheets that validate quality and process control in real time
  • Enforce completion of digital checksheets by making it a mandatory requirement
  • Inspection at all stages to ensure quality and higher customer satisfaction
  • Ensure quality data is synchronized throughout the manufacturing process, where all QC documentation is instantly and dynamically updated everywhere it’s used or displayed
  • Achieve and retain quality reports to share with customers and prospects for building brand trust
  • Manage your supplier performance with scorecards for future decision making