Job Work is an activity of taking an order to manufacture or process goods as per the instruction of the customer by using material given by the customer or purchased on behalf of the customer and charging him for the services delivered as Job Work.

iTexClouds job work module provides a complete solution for jobwork material management with invoice and GST for both manufacturer to Jobber and Jobber to manufacturer management. Taking up of Job-work orders or outsourcing Job-work to an external vendor demands a focused management of activities involved in Job work and Outsourcing. Job Work is used heavily in the case of textile manufacturing.

Job Work Out
  • Create Job Workers Ledgers
  • Create Principal Manufacturers Ledger
  • Create Raw Material Location
  • Create JobWork (Out) Location
  • Create JobWork (In) Location
  • Create Voucher Types (Material Out & In)
  • Job Work Out Order (for a stock Item without BOM)
  • Job Work Out Order (for a stock Item with BOM)
  • Transfer of Material towards a Job Order
  • Receipt of Finished Goods against a Job Order
  • Accounting Purchase of Job Work Service
  • Payment to Job Worker
Job Work In
  • Job Work in Order
  • Receipt of Material towards a Job Order
  • Transfer of Own Goods to Production
  • Manufacture of Finished Goods
  • Delivery of Finished Goods towards a Job Order
  • Raising Sales Bill for the Job Work
  • Receipts from Principal Manufacturer
  • Capture every detail of material issued to Jobber with process information
  • Track the details of all the Job work in/out orders raised on the Job workers which are pending.
  • Track the summary of all the Job work orders which are outstanding (job order raised on the Job worker towards which the raw materials are pending for issue)
  • Track all the Job Work in/out order vouchers recorded in the Books.
  • Track all the material out vouchers recorded to account the transfer of material to the Job worker Location.
  • Track the details of Movement of Material (Raw Materials and Finished Goods) of Job Orders.
  • Track the details of stock lying with Job worker and from how many days the stock is with the Job worker (ageing)
  • Job work Analysis report to give the information of any variance in the issue of Raw Materials (issued more or less) and receipt of Finished Goods/Scrap/By-Products/Co-products. These reports can be used to analyse the reason for the variances.