The firm and stable inventory management system is a critical aspect of a business. The way you manage your inventory can make or break your business. Before starting the textile production, required amount of raw materials have to be stored in the store. All the next processes have to be done by taking the required raw materials from here. All the fabric and accessories come to this unit first from the supplier and audited here and kept until it is distributed to other units. As a result, this department plays an important role to get smooth production. iTexClouds ERP Inventory module helps in efficient inventory management and planning for textile manufacturing Inventory department.

  • Stock tracking and transfers
    This enables the planning of specific items. It can identify an item with an ID number and its location. Related term inventory records or perpetual inventory record is a continuous account of the incoming materials, outgoing materials and the balance in hand.
  • Warehouse management
    It increases the visibility of warehouse. It allows real-time data to integrate within the ERP system and reduces the chance of having negative inventory.
  • Managing Purchase and the Sales order
    This helps to track the details of bought and sold items.
  • Intelligence reports and analytics
    Having data is one thing and utilizing data is one thing. iTexClouds ERP system creates detailed analytical reports which helps in better inventory management and planning.

iTexClouds Inventory module assists in structuring and maintaining the warehouse. The analysis of the surplus stocks, rejections, repairs of the warehouse, enabling the smooth functioning of your textile manufacturing unit.


Textile manufacturers can handle the complex inventory scenario’s using iTexClouds ERP. iTexClouds ERP inventory module benefits textile manufacturers in many ways.

  • Inventory analysis
    iTexClouds ERP inventory module gives a complete view of your inventory. It helps in stock optimization along with quality control. It optimizes and streamlines the entire inventory management activities and provides real-time analysis across all the activities.
  • Administration of stocks
    It helps in analyzing the inventory items according to their cost, demand, and supply. It can measure the items in different units. It sets up the validation methods along with expiring dates for each item.
  • Warehouse management
    It can track individual items or the entire batch. The system captures all the details of goods from its buying to sales. In the case of complaints, the inventory system can backtrack the items or the entire batch.
  • Ensure your inventories are stocked right
    Decides and maintains the precise quantity of items stored. The inventory management techniques in iTexClouds helps to identify the right amount of items to be stored. It reduces the loss of storage and maintains the healthy flow of goods for production. It is also useful in managing the risk during crises by storing the surplus amount of goods.
  • Inventory planning
    iTexClouds has its own algorithm to plan and handle inventory. The technique is uniquely conceptualized as per textile industry. iTexClouds ERP helps in planning inventory management techniques based on the type of inventory.
  • Safety stock inventory
    Minimum stock is stored to deal with the market variations of particular or critical items. This functionality deals with serious unexpected business issues. It stores just the required amount of stock before completely drying out. It prevents stock-out and safe-guards against unanticipated spikes and demands. It cushions the stock and helps in compensating the inaccurate market forecasts.
  • Cloud-Based Inventory Management
    iTexClouds being a cloud-based ERP system utilizes the power of accessing the cloud space from any device. Multiple inventories located at various locations are manageable from a single location. It reduces the risk of been stock-out, as it locates the items across the various warehouses.