Production entry module allows input of items that are required or produced according to the definitions contained in the Bill of Materials. The Production entry module of iTexClouds is used to enter the receipt of manufactured goods into inventory and the consumption of the corresponding materials. This task is mainly used to record manufacturing transactions after the assembly of the manufactured goods.

iTexClouds Production entry module allows you to enter a bill number, indicate how many of the finished products have been manufactured, and record the component usage, as well as the receipt of the finished product, into inventory.

  • Warping production entry.
  • Weaving production entry.
  • Rewinding production entry.
  • Sizing production entry.
  • Job work production entry.
  • Production number entry.
  • Production date entry.
  • Enter the bill number for the finished product you want to add or maintain.
  • Create or maintain item memos.
  • Entry of revision code for the bill configuration for which you want to add or maintain production data. (If revision is required).
  • Entry for quantity manufactured for the current bill.
  • Unit of Measure entry.
  • It is user-friendly and has an easy interface.
  • Workforce need not be specially trained to use.
  • Digital entry and cannot be edited once entered without permission.
  • Track your production by production number.
  • Helps to reduce dependence on manual processes, reduce errors in entering of data.
  • Track delivery schedule dynamically with every day production entry.