Production planning & control (PPC) in simple terms is the first and foremost planning and estimation that any textile production and manufacturing firm would take care of. Things like,

  • What will be the production capacity of the unit?
  • How much raw material is needed to produce that amount?
  • What must be the process of production?
  • Whether it is cost-effective or not?
  • How much workforce is needed?
  • What kind of skills they may possess?
  • Whether there is any wastage?
  • And if yes, then how to reduce it?
  • Make or buy (Job work)?

All these questions arise during production planning, to overcome the glitches and generate a continuous workflow.

iTexClouds ERP is designed using unique mathematical algorithm to answer all the above questions to have a smooth production. It predicts where things might go wrong, and how to get through it without hurting the smooth execution of manufacturing, once it begins. Hence, this module is designed to plan your production far ahead in time, even before the manufacturing starts.

  • Define production process with inputs, outputs, by-products etc.
  • Plan based on customer wise production advice and sales forecast.
  • Raw material requirement planning based on machine (Loom) capacity or against the booked order.
  • Machine (Loom) efficiency, raw material availability, lead time. It gives a workable quantity for production.
  • Production plan for machines (Looms) with the best use of all available resources. Resource like raw materials and machines (Looms).
  • Option to withdraw production plan to change input parameters, production priority, or quantity.
  • Analysis of machine (Loom) efficiency and utilization.
  • Generation of raw material requirement and raise purchase requisitions on finalization of the plan.
  • Job work creation for processes that have to be subcontracted.
  • Reserving quantity for production.
  • Automatic generation of job orders for production.
  • Option to make daily plans for production.
  • Generating reports related to production.
  • Helps in maintaining a smooth production workflow which improves the work environment due to reduction in labor and production costs.
  • Due to proper planning through this module, it reduces inventory costs and risks of misinterpreting and running a huge loss.
  • Increased customer service level due to on-time and high-quality deliveries.
  • Increase in production capacity due to synchronized functioning of the production line, better loom planning and thus increased sales rate.
  • Helps manufacturers in planning production with the best use of all available resources.
  • Reports on the delivery schedule.
  • Track day-to-day production progress.

An efficient and smart production planning is like the foundation for manufacturing success. Using the production planning module of iTexClouds ERP makes this process unbeatable.