Managing, tracking and maintaining exports document is a tedious job and a challenge in textile industry. N number of documentations makes is challenging for manufactures to manage the documentation and leads to lot of mismanagement and consumes time. iTexClouds ERP has a beautiful and efficient way to take off all your export documentation load and make it easy for you.

Globalization has motivated many organisations to shift business focus beyond geographic boundaries as a way to jump their top line reviews. However, exporters are facing a problem with customers spread across different geographical locations, making it hard for them to comply with diverse export rules and regulations. Without an appropriate export management module, exporters are unable to screen potential customers, figure out license requirements, comply with export rules and statutory regulations and generate the required export documentation. iTexClouds export management module will make it easy for your organisation to handle even the tiniest export-related task. It is designed to digitise export compliance and transactional functions.

  • Commercial invoice generation
  • Packing list generation
  • Certificate of origin generation
  • SDF (Statutory Declaration Form) generation
  • GR (Guarantee Remittance) declaration
  • Drawback declaration (Appendix-3 & 4)
  • Export value declaration
  • Bank covering letter
  • FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act) declaration
  • Forwarder letter generation
  • Bill of exchange (currency)
  • Advance authorization letter (For imports & exports)
  • Track duty drawback at invoice level
  • Advance authorization license report
  • Track export against committed value
  • Allows you to automate your documentation requirements
  • It is user-friendly and has an easy interface.
  • You will be able to reduce the time and effort it takes to be current with regulations and lists.
  • Reduce chances of being fined, manage all export documentation effortlessly and ensure you are up-to-date with the constantly changing restrictions and denied party lists.
  • Allows you to comply with all statutory regulations comfortably.