i2-Tex ERP Introduction

The textile industry has been prospering throughout the globe. The management of processes such as manufacturing, inventory planning, waste management, human resource, sales, production planning has taken a complete U-turn for the better. The textiles industry is well-known to be greatly intensive in labor, raw material, product, quality and inventory. Nowadays, companies in the textiles and clothing industry are willing to explore a wide range of technologies for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of different business processes. In particular, the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system has been proven to be critical to the success of numerous textiles and clothing companies.

i2-Tex ERP will help you optimize your end to end business process, to increase the competitiveness of your factory and to offer the best business outcome. i2-Tex ERP does nothing but helps you in reviewing every task you do presently, eliminating those which are not necessary and simplifying or optimizing the ones that can be, using the best technology available.

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Before starting the textile production, required amount of raw materials have to be stored in the store. All the next processes have to be done by taking the required raw materials from here. All the fabric and accessories come to this unit first from the supplier and audited here and kept until it is distributed to other units. As a result, this department plays an important role to get smooth production. i2-Tex Stores module helps in efficient inventory management and planning for textile manufacturing stores department.

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The responsibilities of procurement functions in textile industry have moved away from the simple purchase of raw materials and finished goods towards a comprehensive supply chain management that includes risk assessments of quality, financial and extra-financial factors and monitoring of suppliers and sub-suppliers. i2-Tex Procurement module helps in efficient procurement right from procurement request receiving to supplier identification to quality check to procurement closure.

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Selling is only end goal for any business you are into. It is the communication that happens with the customer prior to and during the sale. One might manage all the communication itself or may have a small team of sales to handle this. i2-Tex ERP helps you track the communication leading up to the sale, by keeping all your documents in an organized and searchable manner. It makes your selling trackable. It helps you to manage your end to end sales process.

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Managing, tracking and maintaining exports document is a tedious job and a challenge in textile industry. N number of documentations makes is difficult for manufactures to manage the documentation and leads to lot of mismanagement and consumes time. i2-Tex ERP has a beautiful and efficient way to take off all your export documentation load and make it easy for you.

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Job works

Every industry needs experienced man force that does their work methodically. The textile job work includes many types of designing work like embroidery thread work, cotton fabrics finishing, hand embroidery work, and many other that clearly shows the beauty of the cloth. But when you find a vendor and outsource the job, it becomes the tedious work to track the time and quality. i2-Tex ERP has Job work module which helps textile manufacturers to track, manage all the job works at vendor and order level. It also helps in tracking the quality of work and see the quality & performance report of each vendor before outsourcing the job.

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Production planning & controlling

Production planning and Control department is one of the important departments for the textile manufacturing company. In the context of the textile manufacturing primary roles of the Production Planning and Control (PPC) department is to schedule task, material planning, loading production, process selection and planning, estimating quantity and costs of production, capacity planning, line planning, follow up & execution and what not? i2-Tex PPC module makes all these activities easy to manage, error free and 24/7 trackable.

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All Manufacturing Companies hold Finished Goods inventories in various locations of warehouses. While finished Goods move through the supply chain from the point of manufacturing until it reaches the end customer, tracking and managing the warehouse becomes an important job. The goal of the i2-Tex Warehouse module is to manage optimally finished goods inventory levels, in order to minimize costs deriving from holding inventory and from adjustment to the master production schedule to prevent stock‐outs.

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i2-Tex has its own derived intelligent system to calculate and generate payroll considering different parameters. Apart from generic calculation, it also helps in understanding the performance, outcome, production at each employee level. It helps the management in deciding incentives etc. for motivation, competition and better productivity in the future.

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Gold lace

Gold lace is the most critical department in any textile manufacturing unit. Slight mismanagement in this department can incur huge wastage and loss which will shoot up the costing of the production enormously. i2-Tex ERP has a very efficient and well thought tested module to manage the end to end activities in this department for quality check, waste management, waste re-usage to allocation of gold lace to production.

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Costing is the system of computing cost of production or of running a business, by allocating expenditure to various stages of production or to different operations of manufacturing. Costing is the deciding factor of the prices and the important thing to be followed in all important stages like purchase, production, marketing, sales, etc. The cost calculation in the textile industry is still almost exclusively based on the production cost data. We have a well-tested module for costing which helps in easy tracking of costing at each order and production level.

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Access to all business-critical report for better, intelligent and quick decision making. Reports on performance and daily monitoring of each department to each employee level. Eagle eye view on each and every activity on your day to day manufacturing process. A tool for higher management to attract growth, increased profit margins and performance.

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