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Chamundi Silks
Ken Enterprises
KKP Textiles
Ratanmoti Texfab (I) Pvt. Ltd
Totala Textiles Pvt Ltd
JK Fabrics
Aravind Cotsyn
Theni Guru Krishna

Why Our Customer Chose Us

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iTexClouds ERP offered them an inspiring solution with critical functionality to enable them to carry out detailed production planning like loom planning, yarn planning etc. and support entire production management.


iTexClouds ERP has allowed them to not only get to root cause and correct issues, but more importantly, they have been able to put in several preventative measures that have significantly reduced wastage and improved manufacturing processes and quality.


iTexClouds ERP generates very detailed reports to support strategic decision making and planning production. This greatly reduces the risks associated with large production because it helps to accurately plan workflows and measure profitability.


iTexClouds ERP gives an end-to-end standardisation. It tracks everything through entire system and gives an extremely accurate picture of every department, procedure, and transaction in real time.

Totala Textiles

iTexClouds completely met their needs for an ERP system. Ultimately, they chose iTexClouds because of our undivided focus on textile industry, its high degree of scalability, outstanding customization, and other unique advantages.


iTexClouds ERP offered them to reduce costs, increase operational efficiency, simplify PPC, streamline the inventory process, reduce working capital, decrease the time to process customer orders and witness jump in productivity.

Aruna Textile

iTexClouds ERP offered them complete functionality, stable operation, and rapid data processing. At the same time, it offered them to provide an intuitive, convenient interface which is easy to understand and use by any employee.


It is a powerful tool that they can use to analyse productivity, margin loss, production performance and demonstrate measurable performance improvements.

Give a Boost to Your Textile Manufacturing. How?

iTexClouds ERP has been proven to be critical to the success of numerous textile manufacturing companies. It helps you optimize your end to end business process, to increase the competitiveness of your factory and to offer the best business outcome.

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We have set of policies, controls, technology and expertise. They work together to protect your data.


We understand your specific needs. We respect your knowledge.


Defined SLAs, high priority to customer issues. Customer satisfaction is our undivided attention.

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Our work doesn’t end with implementation. We keep working to introduce more value to your business.

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